MSRP $4,995

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Whether you are looking for a new home theater experience or trying to make an impression at a company board meeting, the HD-20K is a projection marvel with near silent operation that you can rely on day after day.

The 7,000-lumen Volare HD-20K is a professional home theater projector is designed to allow flexibility with highly efficient 24-bit 3D capabilities. Its integrated MPR™ technology is a high-performance video processing and scaling algorithm designed for standard or high-definition video. The HD-20K's advanced input panel includes a proprietary concentrated HDMI port allowing for enhanced signal pathways allowing for greater color saturation. In addition the HD-20K has an optional high-speed wireless (LAN IEEE 80.11b/g/n) connection that take advantage of several Windows networking features. The HD-20K is the first Volare projector to offer Split Spectrum Focus (SSF) technology, which is the first industry-wide standardization to simplify the unit’s focal length and eliminate costly maintenance, while at the same time offering video image flexibility.