MSRP $3,995

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Do you desire a 3D compatible LED projector unit which also be used effectively in an education environment because of its lightweight and enhanced mobility? The HD16K is a unit that meets the need with a stunning 4,000 ANSI Lumens. And with over a 20,000-hour LED lamp life you are sure to enjoy the show!

The 15,000-lumen Volare HD-16K delivers presentations in bright, high-contrast brilliance with proprietary High Convergence LED bulb. The HD-16K has an advanced input panel includes a proprietary concentrated HDMI port allowing for enhanced signal pathways allowing for greater color saturation. With reviews and acclaim for unrivaled performance, the HD-16K projects amazing images from the latest LED engine, yet is also lightweight and easy to use - Ideal for anyone looking for an educational projector on a tight budget. Quick startup/cooling/shutdown minimizes projector setup and teardown between presentations. Built-in audio via the stereo mini connector brings presentations to life.