MSRP $3,995

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Get ready to super-size your digital lifestyle with the Volare HD-10K portable digital projector! This revolutionary product reinvents how you share presentations, slideshows, high-def movies, audio and so much more.

The easy-to-use Volare HD-10K eliminates the frustration of being confined to small screens and lets you share multimedia content from your digital device, from the boardroom to the media room. The HD-10K has an advanced input panel which includes a proprietary concentrated HDMI port allowing for enhanced signal pathways allowing for greater color saturation. With the optional Hot Dock, place your smart phone or device in the accessory dock and achieve outstanding resolution and bright output and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio to ensure vivid content, even when it’s enlarged to a 100-inch image. The Volare HD-10K is sure to transform how you collaborate and interact, whether at work or at home. Simply connect, and enjoy!