About Volare

Volare Projectors

Volare Video is one of the preeminent manufacturers in the Home Theater industry.

For over 15 years, Volare has been synonymous with crystal clear, bright, and exciting high-resolution 1080P 2D and 3D cinema.

A market leader, Volare is built on a strong foundation as an industry technological leader with innovative product design to meet demanding Home Theater installation requirements. We pride ourselves in our visual replication detail, subtlety, and accuracy. Above all else we are realistic to the eye. Our projectors are often touted as class leaders that give an incredibly realistic cinematic soundstage experience.

Our products, which can be mounted either in front or as a rear projection unit, have been reviewed by leading industry journals and earned a reputation as a symbol of home theater prestige, innovation and acclaim. They provide a movie experience that will transport you and your family right into the film. Instead of watching it you can experience it!

Choosing Volare means you can watch the finest projection video quality available for the price with the reassurance of a company that has been at the forefront of the video projection TV marketplace for close to 20 years. Our current Projector line-up includes: